New Year’s Resolution #1: Start Planning

If surviving the Mayan apocalypse, the holidays, and the fiscal cliff has left you a little confused about the state of your your personal and financial life now is the perfect time to get back on track.  Do you know who will inherit your property, raise your children, and/or manage your affairs when you are no longer able to do so?  Have you prepared for retirement or your child’s education? 

The good news is that with a little bit of forethought and initiative you can take control of your future.  To help start you down the path,the Roark Law Firm and the Davis Group of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management will be hosting a free Life Planning Seminar on Tuesday, December 11th about Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Financial Planning, and the other easy steps you can take to prepare for your future. We will be talking about what happens if you pass away or become incapacitated in Florida and several important aspects of financial planning, saving, and planning for retirement. Drinks and snacks will be provided and a question and answer session will follow the talk.  Audience members will also receive a complimentary Life Planning binder to help them organize their assets and estate planning goals.

Do you have questions but can’t make the talk? Leave a comment, give us a call (352.226.8005), or shoot us an email ( and we will get you sorted out.

The Millhopper Library is located at 3145 NW 43rd Street, Gainesville, FL.  The talk will start at 6:00.  Hope to see you there.