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The Roark Law Firm recognizes that new and expanding businesses need a law firm that can utilize its knowledge and experience to aid in the selection of the most beneficial and appropriate legal structure for its endeavor.  The best foundation for any business is a structure that optimizes the potential for growth and economic success while limiting risks of collateral damage to equity holders if difficulties threaten the business.


The first step to business success is understanding how choosing the proper entity form will dictate the future of your business.  The type of entity you choose to form will impact your exposure to liability, dictate the manner in which you and the business are taxed, affect your ability to structure the growth and future sale of the business, and play a role in numerous other areas.


Businesses depend on a successful business formation process to minimize adversity in the form of liability to consumers, contract disputes, regulatory challenges, and other commercial issues.  Attorney Adam D. Roark has a decade of experience and a proven track record of forming businesses and positioning them for success across a wide range of industries. 


We can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks to doing business in any of the following types of entities:


• Limited Liability Company (LLC)

• S Corporation (S Corp.) 

• C Corporation (C Corp.)

• Sole Proprietorship

• “Doing Business As” (DBA)

• Not-for-profit Corporations (501(c)(3))

• Joint Venture

• Professional Corporations and Other Entities

• Business Succession Plans

• Limited Partnership (LP) and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


Once you have selected the proper business structure, the Roark Law Firm

can assist in skillfully crafting essential documents and provide legal advice

and representation with respect to:

• Business formation documents such as bylaws and corporate minutes

• Non-disclosure and non-competition agreements

• Buy-sell agreements

• Sales and purchases of assets

• Operating Agreements

• Shareholders’ Agreements

• Liability waivers

• Contract negotiations

• Employment agreements and sales contracts




Gainesville is home to numerous startup businesses operating across a wide spectrum of industries.  The Roark Law Firm has helped clients start and grow businesses in fields ranging from manufacturing, technology, software/web-based services, medical/dental practices, music and entertainment, restaurants and food services, to biotechnology and interactive gaming.


The Roark Law Firm can assist with all aspects of translating innovative ideas into viable business opportunities.  We provide legal counsel and help aspiring business owners with all facets of a startup.


• Entity Selection: Whether a more common business structure like a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership offers the best profile of tax features, risk tolerance, and management structure, or an alternative form makes more sense, we work diligently to understand our clients, their business, and the competition.


• Incorporation Procedures or Documents: The Roark Law Firm provides expertise in all aspects of the initial incorporating process, such as explanations to LLC members or stockholders, obtaining EIN numbers, initial organization meetings, articles of incorporation, bylaws, information filed with the secretary of state, and opening minutes.


• Filing: Attorney Adam D. Roark will guide you through the entire process of registering with the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations and filing your documents.

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