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Life Planning 101

Do you ever wonder what would happen to your loved ones or pets if you were to suddenly pass away or become incapacitated? Have you thought about who will inherit your property, raise your children, and/or manage your affairs when you are no longer able to do so? Have you prepared for retirement or your child’s education? If, like most people, the answer is no, don’t worry. Help and answers are just around the corner.

To help start you down the right path, the Roark Law Firm often hosts a free Life Planning Seminar about Wills, Trusts, Living Wills, Pet Planning, and the other easy steps you can take to prepare for your future. We talk about what happens if you pass away or become incapacitated in Florida and how to ease the burdens created by guardianships or probate.

Do you have questions but don't want to wait for the next seminar? Give us a call (352.226.8005), send an email ( or fill out our contact form and we will help.



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