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Roark Law - Advisor Spotlight

Adam Roark is honored to be featured in Advisor Spotlight section of the University of Florida Advisor Network Summer Newsletter:

Business Law Attorney in Gainesville Florida
Photo courtesy of the University of Florida Advisor Network Summer Newsletter:

"Adam Roark, a Gainesville-based estate planning attorney, is in the UFAN spotlight this issue because of his remarkable success in helping clients achieve their philanthropic and estate planning goals through UF. When Roark (JD, Wake Forest University; LLM, University of Florida) is not at work explaining highly complex features of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, contracts, estate planning and business law to his clients, he can be found teaching a Santa Fe College community education class on estate planning. Roark is often called to speak about his expertise to Alachua County civic groups, as well. His clients say Roark’s dedication and knowledge are greatly appreciated in the local community. In addition, Roark helped a number of clients create planned gifts to benefit the University of Florida during the past year. His expertise and adaptability have proven him to be a dependable resource for faculty members, employees and other friends of the university. Furthermore, Roark’s specialized estate planning knowledge was key in the charitable contributions of real estate, simple bequests and a charitable remainder trust to UF this year. "My clients are interesting and devoted community members, who want to accomplish a great deal for their families and the university they love. It is my honor to help them accomplish their goals,” Roark said. “I must also admit that working with the UF Foundation has been a breeze. Knowing that the gift planning department at the Foundation has the wherewithal and expertise to formulate and execute an appropriate plan of action makes the process of introducing clients to their staff simple and worry free."



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